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The wonderful staff and volunteers at the “Best Centre” have been serving Durham Region in one form or another since 1989.  As I reflect on the rich and long history of this one of kind organization

I am delighted to be part of a pivotal and monumental milestone in the The Charles H. Best Centre’s evolution.


As chair of the campaign, one of the main reasons for my involvement is that I care about people who experience this potentially fatal disease (as 2 of my grandparents did) and because

I believe in strengthening our healthcare system for all residents of Durham region.  I have heard many anecdotes of remarkable and extraordinary acts of support by the staff and volunteers; this has fueled me to want to do more to ensure the Best Centre is around for as long as needed. 


I invite you to take some time to browse the pages of our campaign website.  Learn more about the wonderful things happening at the centre.  I also hope you become engaged enough to start the conversation with one of our staff or volunteers to explore ways you can help.  Building on the Best campaign is about providing care to families who need support to cope with this disease as we await a cure.


Please find a way to help the growing number of families who come to the centre seeking type 1 diabetes healthcare and guidance. 




As a long-time resident of Durham region, I had the pleasure of being part of some of the most rewarding campaigns and project developments that have shaped our communities.  We have some

of the most generous individuals and businesses who have given

of their time and money to ensure our residents have the best education, social service and healthcare services in Ontario.  


As the Special Advisor of the Building on the Best campaign cabinet, I can tell you that the expansion is a necessity.  We often talk about being proactive and staying ahead of progress to ensure we are meeting the demands of those we serve.  The Best Centre has a plan, the Best Centre is thinking ahead, and the Best Centre will ensure that it meets the growing demands of our community.


Please join us in helping to make the expansion plans a reality for the many who depend on The Best Centre.



Welcome to the “Building on the Best” website. The Charles H. Best Diabetes Centre has seen, embraced and accommodated tremendous change over 31 years. Type 1 diabetes management has advanced immensely over time and the Best Centre has adapted and grown; however, with the great growth it is just as important to note some things have not changed. My belief that started this centre in 1989 has not waivered; it was that “my patients with type 1 diabetes could not wait for a cure”. From day one, the Best Centre’s mission has been and continues to be; to keep our children, youth and adults living with type 1 diabetes healthy until a cure is found. Our foundation of care offering state of the art education, management, and support to our patients and families through our unique programs and services remains our priority.


We continue because type 1 diabetes cannot be controlled by promises of a cure. Until that long-awaited cure is found, we want
to ensure that patients live in good health and free of diabetes complications.  Now, we need to be proactive in planning for our future. We want to guarantee that no part of our essential programs are jeopardized and we will continue to meet the needs of our current and future families, here in the vibrant and growing Durham Region.


​YOUR support is vital to our campaign success and
THEIR future. 





On behalf of all of our dedicated staff, volunteers and Board of Directors, we are very pleased to launch our first ever expansion campaign. The Building on the Best campaign is a true culmination of the Best Centre’s values and mission; we recognize the integral role we play in the lives of those living with type 1 diabetes and for those who will need us in the coming decade.  We are committed to being here, as a beacon of hope, as we deliver expert T1D care to our community.  The expansion will enable us to continue to lead a gold standard model of care for those living with type 1 diabetes across Canada.


Best in Health,

Lorrie and Serge


Campaign Cabinet 

Serge Babin

Marlene Grass

Fred Eismont

Gary Polonsky

William Kelly

Allison Doyle

Larry Harding


Leadership Gift Committee

Serge Babin

Lorrie Hagen

Russell White

Ian Robertson

Reg Webster



Community Division Committee

William Kelly (Chair)

Mary Todd 

Amy Cross

Ted Monchesky

Roger Beecham

Marlene Grass

Campaign Advisory Committee (ad hoc)

Angie Darlison

Rick Barnes

Terry Johnston

Chris Montgomery, MD

Lisa McVety

Marlene Grass

Elizabeth Roy

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